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Progressive Energy, LLC.
3224 West Broadway
Ardmore, OK 73402

Promart Corporate Office
PO Box 698
Ardmore, OK 73402


Promart Locations

Fuel Supply

Authorized Marketer Brands:

ConocoPhillips 66ShellValeroShamrockFinish Line

Fuel Supply

As one of the largest fuel marketers in southern Oklahoma, Progressive Energy can meet the needs of their base by supplying the fuel they need as they need it. We supply fuel for the following...

Wholesale Distribution & Commercial Sales

Provided to fleet companies and rigs. Bulk fuel sales.

Branded Fuel

Authorized Marketer Brands such as Conoco, Phillips, Shell, Valero, Shamrock & Finish Line Fuels.

Non-Branded/Personal Fuel Supply

Personal Use, Farms. Bulk fuel sales.